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HealthServ uses Getz Clinical Connect to help focus on patient care

Operating room nurses carry an overwhelming amount of admin tasks, ranging from manual patient data charting to traditional paper-based reporting. These tasks get in the way of their core duty which is to provide patient care.

While it is true that patient care is the top priority, in medical practice however, ensuring the accuracy of patient data is important too.

With this challenge at hand, HealthServ Los Baños Medical Center implemented Getz Clinical Connect (GCC), a comprehensive suite of clinical software modules designed specifically for the acute care environment. GCC automates patient record-keeping across the patient’s perioperative journey.  It also aims to improve the accuracy, security, and accessibility of patient data.


More time with the patient

“What made me happiest with working with GCC is that it allows us to focus more on patient care. It is user-friendly and reports can easily be generated,” says Cedie Lyn S. Ramos, Operating Room Head Nurse at HealthServ Los Baños Medical Center. “Since the forms are now paperless, we worry less on admin tasks and we now have more time in providing direct patient care” she added.

GCC automatically captures data from the patient monitor. It also allows easy generation of reports. With these capabilities, OR nurses no longer need to do manual charting and reporting. As a result, they will have more time to address the needs of their patients.

HealthServ is part of the Mt. Grace Hospital Inc. (MGHI), a member of the United Laboratories Group, the Philippine’s largest pharmaceutical company. They have around 17 partner hospitals in the Philippines, operating with same high standards of service and compassionate care. GCC has been installed in 3 of their hospitals since 2016. Bookings, IntraOp, PACU, Chronology, Admin, Bookings Display, Analytics, and Surgical modules, all part of the GCC product suite, are being utilised at HealthServ to help them improve their patient care.