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Getz Clinical is Helping Frontliners to Battle COVID-19

Using its core values, Getz Clinical is helping to fight the war against COVID-19.

  • Commitment to team and to customers
  • Integrity above all
  • Flexible approach and reliable results
  • Industry-focused and culturally-aware
  • Continually give back

Capturing Ventilator Data

Capturing ventilator data is possible using a Getz Touch Device through:

  • Anaesthesia machine with ventilator
  • Directly through a ventilator machine.

The need for mechanical ventilators has dramatically increased because of hypoxemic respiratory failure.

Hospitals cannot collect COVID-19 related vitals and respiratory information for both current and future analysis.

Standalone ventilators or with anaesthesia machines that can send output readable data can directly connect to a Getz Touch Device. Medications and notes can be entered to create a medical record and streamline manual charting processes.

More Time for Patient Care

Clinicians can feel confident that medical charting and all notes are being captured, reducing administrative effort when direct patient care is most critical.
Clinicians, doctors and nurses can record extensive ICU visits resulting in a legible medical report for current and future analysis.

Understanding COVID-19 Data Using Analytics+

Getz Clinical has invoked its Business Continuity Plan. The entire team is working from home and available for urgent on-site support when required.

Going Above and Beyond

Getz Clinical has informed its customers that it will provide any support above and beyond its contractual arrangement, to ensure hospitals can continue to care for patients and assist clinicians under pressure.

Business As Usual

Development of new features and mobile applications for clinicians is an ongoing effort. New system updates and enhancement are also on the way.

Get Healthy With Getz

Group exercise routines, daily health bulletins, COVID-19 updates and video conferencing ensure our team’s well-being is managed and we continue to live our values for our teams and customers. Getz Clinical is Helping Frontliners to Battle COVID-1


Helping Frontliners to Battle COVID-19

Using its core values, Getz Clinical is helping to fight the war against COVID-19

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