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iPads in Every Hospital, is the electronic healthcare dream almost a reality?

Healthcare innovators dream of a connected healthcare system. In this dream, there are no silos of data, patients are empowered with their health data and healthcare providers have all the information they need at their fingers.

The dream is almost a reality. The iOS platform is starting to make big waves connecting healthcare data after 7 years of effort. Fast Company recently published an interesting article about Apples’ journey into the healthcare industry.

The article highlights that mobile and cloud-based technologies have not been embraced by the healthcare system worldwide. Hospitals are generally still tied to on-premise solutions and resistant to change.

Twenty seventeen might just be the year of change. There have been several big announcements of healthcare organisations moving into the cloud. Medsphere, who provides practice management and patient portal technology, announced they are offering a cloud-based alternative. NTT Data and IBM are driving forward a partnership to analyse big data in the cloud. Healthcare systems have also made jump. Yale New Havens health system is making the progressive shift to a cloud-based ERP system.

The lingering question is,  will Asia Pacific also make the shift?

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